2013-01-02 49 -123

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Wed 2 Jan 2013 in 49,-123:
49.2634488, -123.1244449

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Today's geohash is in the street just outside a sports bar at Broadway and Laurel.



Wade suggests we meet at the pub itself (901 West Broadway) at six p.m. to kick off the 2013 geohashing year. It has decidedly mixed online reviews, but The Algorithm appears to have chosen it, so what else can we do?


Other than someone hoarding all the #33 buses where Robyn couldn't find them when she needed them, finding a bar on a major street in Vancouver was not difficult. The service lived down to the online reviews, but that meant we were mostly ignored to do our own thing, and they didn't mind Kenzie waiting outside and woofing from time to time.