2008-12-21 49 -123

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Sun 21 Dec 2008 in Vancouver:
49.1510595, -123.1161505

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thepiguy and his bike Josephine set out in the impending blizzard to see they were both made of.


On a quiet street corner in the middle of Richmond.


Setting out early in the morning for what should have been one of my easiest hashes yet, we managed to trek the 21 km there and back with an embarrassing average speed of 13 km/h. It would have been even slower, but I decided to take a main road back.

Long story short, there was snow, it was cold, and there was snow.

Undesirable places me and Josephine ended up[edit]

  • the middle of a frozen pond
  • a snow bank
  • the beach
  • a very slippery wooden boardwalk
  • a snow bank
  • a chainlink fence
  • a snow bank
  • a wooden fence
  • the middle of several major roads
  • a snow bank.

Please note, that not included in the list above are: my face or my ass.