2008-09-25 49 -123

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Thu 25 Sep 2008 in Vancouver:
49.2569823, -123.1203417

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The geohash was in the middle of 16th Avenue, just west of Heather Street, in the city of Vancouver.


  • Robyn and her T-Rex mascot went by bus.
  • HollyB met Robyn around 6 p.m., dragging a friend
  • Jaem is one of the friends HollyB dragged along (willingly). He brought his towel, proving its usefulness by shielding his GPS unit/computer from the rain
  • DaleF came with HollyB and Jaem.
  • thepiguy stopped by during the morning.



Robyn noted that the geohash was not only exactly on a bus route, but was on the same recently established bus route that runs right by her house, so decided this was the perfect day to take the public transit geohash. It worked out splendidly. This sport is awesome!

Here's the story in pictures ...

I was truly delighted to meet these three. It was the most like geohashing is supposed to be. I've become so wrapped up in finding and getting to crazy coordinates that I didn't realize how much fun there is to be had in just meeting people on a very simple expedition. We should have stayed longer, but it was raining and dinnertime. We all rode back on the same bus, a very short ride for me. Doh! I should have invited them to get off at my stop and come for dinner. Next time!


When thepiguy woke up in the morning, he had already put that time aside to catch up on the 4 assignments he had due the next day. When he checked the coordinates, that plan went out the window.

I really was supposed to get work done, which is why I could only make it in the morning. I really wished I could have been there later in the day to take part in the fabulous meetup! Worse yet, I was so short on time, that I even had to bite my tongue and take the bus to the geohash. I was there around 11:30 in the morning.

I bussed to Broadway and Heather, and walked the 7 blocks down to the hash. There were a few people around, put I took my pictures and put up my sign; which somebody took down! I had decided to make it extra visible by using pink flagging tape. Which was apparently a mistake, because it was so obnoxiously loud and pink, it was taken down during the day.

No having anything else to do, I walked up to MEC (for the third Thursday in a row) bought even more biking gear, and bussed to UBC.