2008-08-18 49 -123

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Mon 18 Aug 2008 in 49,-123:
49.0633078, -123.0248625

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Thepiguy procured a small group of friends and drove out to Tsawassen in the dark!


The hash was located on the border (in the middle of a hedge actually) of two houses, but was fairly close to the road. Since I was busy all day, and it was too late to bike, I thought "My friends are all sick and tired of me talking about this weird geohashing thing, so why not bring them along!"

I picked up one person on the way, met a couple of other close by and then drove the van full of would-be geohashers to the site. Some of my associates were more helpful than others while others felt the need to point out every detail displayed on my "GPS locator device," or criticize me and google for choosing a non-optimal route.

We pulled over on the side of the road, snapped an arms-length photo of the group, and then they all waited in the van as I stood there in the cold trying to get a picture of the GPS and the hash point in the dark.

We got within 50m of the point (pretty darn close) and were only stopped by a gigantic iron fence and a ditch that displayed many moat like properties.

All things told: an awesome geohash with some even awesomer friends! You guys rock!


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