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The District of Columbia Graticules

Today's Locations:

Washington, DC (West)

Washington, DC (East)

The 76th West Meridian crosses directly through the District of Columbia, the city has two graticules, located at latitude 38, longitudes -77 and -76.

For the state of Washington, look here.

Neighboring Graticules[edit]

Cumberland, MD Frederick, MD Baltimore, MD Philadelphia, PA (South)
Shenandoah Valley, VA District of Columbia Salisbury, MD
Appomattox, VA Richmond, VA Newport News, VA -

Areas within West Graticule[edit]

  • All of NW and SW DC
  • NE and SE DC west of 5th St [N|S]E / Catholic University
  • Bethesda and Takoma Park, MD
  • Nearly all of Northern Virginia proper including all of Arlington and Alexandria and at least most of Fairfax and Prince William
  • The "peak" of Loudoun (Leesburg, Ashburn) is not included. Most of Reston is included. Much of Sterling is not.
  • The Virginia I-95 corridor most of the way to Richmond, including Prince William County, Fredericksburg, and Quantico.
  • Bits of Southern Maryland west of La Plata and Waldorf are also included.

Areas within East Graticule[edit]

  • Most of NE, SE DC
  • Part of Prince George's county
  • Charles, St. Mary's, Anne Arundel, and Calvert counties
  • Talbot, Queen Anne's, and Dorchester counties
  • Chesapeake Bay

Local Geohashers[edit]

  • Pete lives in NoVa and works in downtown DC. Likes to get around by bike or Metro.
  • Anna lives in Bethesda, not far from the intersection of four graticules (Baltimore, Frederick, DC East and DC West) and would like to attend on Saturdays in whichever graticule presents a closer/more interesting location. However, she is a little discouraged by the seeming lack of recent activity on this page. Is anyone still here? Did the Halloween meetup ever happen?
  • Bree lives in NoVa, and plans to attend meetups simply because adventure is too good to pass up, and her mom will freak when she finds out.
  • Thomas lives in this area, and plans to attend the meetup in whichever local graticule is most convenient on Saturday.
  • Colin also is a resident of this area and plans to attend on Saturday (May 24).
  • Steve and Lynette currently live in the Eastern Washington graticule, but are moving to the Western in two weeks, and will attend whichever meetup is most convenient whenever they are able.
  • Dan technically lives in the very bottom of the Frederick graticule, but will be attending meetups in this graticule when it's more convenient (gas is expensive!).
  • Brian's mother has a house on Kent Island, which would be ideal to visit on a day like today
  • Justin also lives in the Fairfax area, and will attend when able - like Dan said, gas is expensive!


  • Alex is a college student home from the summer who got turned onto this geohashing by a friend in Portland OR. She hopes to participate in as many geohashes as she can before she leaves for Santiago Chile in mid-July.
  • Alex H. is looking to do some geohashes with his junky old GPS unit in Alexandria.
  • Phil is in the Vienna area.
  • EpeeGnome has been out of the loop for over a year, but would like to get involved again if people are still going to these.
  • Katie lives in the Baltimore graticule, but will be attending meet-ups in the DC area as well when convenient.
  • Scott I'm in Arlington, and will come to northern locations in both graticules. May do farther out ones if they fall in a park/public space.
  • Frumious lives at the northern edge of the western DC graticule near IAD and may show up occasionally if there's a hash nearby
  • Nathan lives in Ashburn (technically not in DC East+West), and will show up as much as he can.
  • Cerulean is here.
  • Philosophress just discovered this page and wants to attend/learn more.
  • John lives in Springfield and currently flies out of Warrenton Airport. He will buzz the meetup when he gets a chance.
  • Chuckrex lives in DC West and geohashes when he can.
  • C4bl3Fl4m3 is completely new to Geohashing and splits her time between DC west graticule and the Toronto, ON graticule.
  • Sky7 is a geohashing neophyte, currently living in Arlington. While he discovered this page by freak chance, he figures that it must be cool due to its association with XKCD.
  • Domke lives in southern Maryland and is new to geohashing.
  • Josh lives in Arlington and is mostly available on Sundays. Occasional Saturdays.
  • Fitzy lives in the Fredericksburg area when He's home from college, and goes Geohashing when he can afford the gas.
  • Jevanyn is not a local, but used to be from NoVa, and will give a try at a geohash near the city or along the way down I-95 toward Wilmington, NC when I'm in the area.
  • James is a noobie geohasher and looks forward to many adventures in pursuit of that elusive digital pushpin.
  • Mike has never geohashed and is hoping to earn the Leap geohash achievement.
  • Sam geohashed today for the first time. I always escape the city to somewhere on weekends; I will geohash when it is accessible.
  • mckaysalisbury Moved to this area.


The DC region has awarded the following 'First Time' achievements:

McKay (talk) earned the Reverse regional achievement
by reaching hash points in all 3 regions of the Washington (West), District of Columbia (38, -77) graticule on state / district level.
  • Virgin Graticule: Ciel on 2008-06-07

The DC region has recognized the following comparative achievements:

  • Largest Meet-Up Achievement: awarded on 2008-06-14
  • Highest Geohash:
  • Lowest Geohash:
  • Most Westerly Geohash:
  • Hottest Geohash:
  • Coldest Geohash:
  • Oldest Geohasher:
  • Youngest Geohasher:

Notable Activities[edit]

1000 Blank White Cards is the official activity of all DC area meetups.

  • Dan is a big fan of Go, and is planning on bringing his portable set to meetups.

Notable Locations[edit]

2008-05-22 ~ Awesome, it's at someone's house, looks like quite a big house too

2008-07-11 ~ A very accessible location, just a few feet off of the road - accessible, that is, if you have access to Quantico!

2008-07-17 ~ On the ramp to the East Falls Church metro. Anyone who rode the Orange Line from points west passed right under this spot. Potentially thousands of unwitting hashers!

2008-10-19 ~ Inside the I-95/VA-234 interchange in Dumfries.

2009-01-13 ~ On John's way to work. Too bad he didn't notice until he got home.

2010-01-06 ~ At the intersection of Francis and Main in Annapolis, less than 150 yards from the Maryland State House

2010-06-29 ~ Near the intersection of Independence and 2nd in the heart of Washington, only a couple of blocks away from the The Capitol Building and other major DC landmarks

2010-07-15 ~ Directly over Eastbound US 50/301, between Bowie and Annapolis

2010-08-29 - In the CIA parking lot.

Upcoming Locations[edit]

Upcoming Locations for the DC graticules are mostly discussed on the discussion page.

Recently Visited Locations[edit]

2017-04-24 Pedalpusher: in the woods by Indian Head Hwy in Accokeek, MD (DC West).

2016-05-08 McKay edge of the road in Chevy Chase, MD

2016-04-23 Pete and McKay went. Western DC close to the C & O Canal Towpath, just north of Chain Bridge.

2016-04-23 McKay At Difficult Run Stream Valley Trail Park

2014-03-22 Sam's first hash. At South Run Park in Springfield, Virginia.

2013-06-23 OfficeLinebacker visits a hash at a school.

2013-06-09 It seems like OfficeLinebacker made an attempt, but his success is uncertain.

2013-05-25 OfficeLinebacker makes a mouseover day expedition. With cicadas.

2013-03-31 OfficeLinebacker tries to reach the hash, but it's on an army base, closed to the public on weekends.

2013-03-30 OfficeLinebacker braves traffic to reach a hash in some woods about 500 ft off Windsor drive in King George, VA.

2013-03-29 OfficeLinebacker reaches a hash in the Chester F Phelps Wildlife Management Area in Sumerduck, VA.

2013-03-28 OfficeLinebacker reaches a hash in a marsh.

2013-03-28 OfficeLinebacker takes a walk in the woods to reach a hashpoint.

2013-03-27 OfficeLinebacker follows a ditch for his 3rd hash of the day.

2013-03-24 OfficeLinebacker visits a hash right off a street in the foothills of a mountain range in Haymarket, VA.

2013-03-24 OfficeLinebacker visits a hash at a training track for racehorses.

2013-03-23 OfficeLinebacker went to Capitol Heights.

2012-06-06 Thomcat (of the other Washington) achieves the first successful geohash within the boundaries of the District of Columbia.

2012-02-04 Custom Designed first hash, in Quinn park (part of Mannass battlefield park - some stone walls remaining from houses involved in the battle). Was easy, park road takes you to within 100', and the spot is across a small creek. No trespassing issues, park is open to the public until dark. Unfortunately, it was so easy, that I didn't go right away, and was too busy doing open source software releases to remember until after 4pm. I was 45 minutes late.

2010-02-27 Fitzy's first attempted Hash, in the middle of a farm field near Warrenton. After winning an epic battle with some mud for the ownership of his shoe, he was decided to give up a mere 500 ft from the hash point when he heard gunfire nearby (like, REALLY nearby).

2009-10-22 DC West. Aw, this sucks: I am at this location probably twice a week, but I can't get there today. Where is it? It's at the New York Ave Metro station! Really, right at the station! Man.... --Tom

2009-08-23 DC West, Sunday Geohash. Hash point is in a parking lot downtown. Warren makes an appearance in DC.

Thomcat attempted a retrohash on 2012-06-07 and confirms the parking lot is still under construction.

2009-06-28 DC West, geohashing on a Sunday. Ben makes a brief sojourn to Vienna.

2009-02-14 Official Saturday Meetup DC West. Chuckrex couldn't make it at 4, but came early and marked the spot for the meet-up.

2009-01-31 - Official Saturday Meetup DC West Chuckrex attempted, with two drag-alongs. We got close, I think, but suffered GPS failure and couldn't reach hash. One of drag-alongs was 4 years old, so couldn't spend much time solving problem. FAIL.

2009-01-10 - Official Saturday Meetup DC West- The location for the Saturday meet-up was very close, right in the Metro area - off Rt. 50. Unfortunately, perhaps due to the near-freezing rain, only one person - Chuckrex - showed up. Noticed at least 7 "no trespassing" signs on turning into the parking lot of the property, so didn't stray any closer to the actual spot. But got some nice photos of their signage defenses.

2008-09-13 - Official Saturday Meetup - On a canal-side trail behind some apartment buildings. EpeeGnome showed up 3o minutes late and met no one. (1 attendee)

2008-08-08 - FlagPoleSitta visits the vicinity of a hashpoint, but fails to reach the actual coordinates.

2008-07-19 - Official Saturday Meetup - DC East was in a forested area just off a power line cut on the Northern Neck of VA. Chuckrex went, alone, and suffered for his hash. (1 attendee)

2008-07-12 - Official Saturday Meetup DC West. At a driveway in the Woodbridge area, about an eight mile drive from the last meetup 2 weeks earlier. (5 attendees)

2008-06-28 - Official Saturday Meetup DC West. Successful geohash and meetup. In a patch of woods between a gas station and a subdivision. (6 attendees)

2008-06-20 In the parking lot of Giant/CVS Pharmacy at the corner of Gallows Rd and Rt. 50. good shot- just east of the truck parked perpendicular to the parking lines (1 attendee)

2008-06-14 Official Saturday Meetup - Very close to the water in Founder's Park. Just off the Braddock Road Metro rail stop. (16 attendees)

2008-06-07 The point was in the woods near an abandoned house west of La Plata, Maryland. (1 attendee)

2008-05-25 - A promising location at a private residence in McLean. (Interesting fact: you are about 1000ft from the headquarters of the world's largest candy company (Mars Inc), yet probably never realized it. Their headquarters is an unmarked 2-story brick building on Elm St.) (1 attemptee)