2010-02-27 38 -77

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Sat 27 Feb 2010 in 38,-77:
38.6032878, -77.7406376

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A farm field near Fredericksburg



The Hash point was in a farm field that was most likely private property, but I found some public parking nearby and I figured I'd just use some stealth to reach the point, document it, and leave.


My first attempted hash.

I was visiting home (Fredericksburg area) for the weekend and decided that I could make it to the Saturday meet up.

From the parking lot I had to walk through one field, climb over/find a hole in a dilapidated old fence, and then walk to about to the middle of the next field to reach the hash point. Easy right?

Well, all the recent snow had caused the first field to flood so it was 90% mud, and at one point the mud pulled off one of my shoes and I had to dig it out of about 5 inches of mud. I finally made it across the first field, and walked through a hole in the fence, which ran along some trees. I could see the hash point and though I was only slightly late for the meet-up (approx 4:15), I didn't see anyone else at the point.

I was about to start out across the field for the hash point when I heard about 7 or 8 gunshots in quick succession, from somewhere very close to me. I'm no gun expert, but if I had to guess I'd say it sounded like a .22 or similar calibre weapon. I had no idea where the shooter was, what he was shooting at, or where either were in relation to me, and I have an aversion to getting shot, so I pretty much sprinted halfway back across the first field, then jogged the rest of the way back to my car. I only stopped once to grab a quick picture of a shotgun casing that I saw on the ground.