2013-05-25 38 -77

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Sat 25 May 2013 in 38,-77:
38.7289758, -77.5523316

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In some woods in Bristow, VA



Well it was only 45 mins away, it was in some woods only a hundred meters off a road, so we went for it.


Well we found the spot easily enough, though there was cursed traffic on Rt 66 on the way there. Note to self: avoid 66 and 95 south of town at all costs.

So we pulled off the road and saw a little driveway into the woods, so I took it. There was a small tree branch across the drive and I was able to drive over it, spinning the wheels a bit and leaving some rubber on the branch. I bumped the underside a bit going over, so I moved it before coming back out. I bent the driveshaft hoop so it rubbed, which was no big deal, bendable by hand. I also dented the exhaust pipe a bit, also no big deal.

So we drove in some serious high grass which is always fun, and got out of the car to the stink of a skunk. Also, there was some cleared land that was clearly going to become a road. They are turning the woods into a housing development! When we got out of the car, we heard the unmistakable din of cicadas. This is the big year in the 17-year cycle. So we got out and the cleared area actually led us to the hashpoint. On the way, we saw many, many cicadas. Also, my cell phone battery was dying so So we got to the hashpoint quickly. After uploading our proof pic, we took our time and Allison collected many "babies" to hold on her hand. We saw lots and lots of cicadas that used the nylon "fence" around the cleared area as their launching pad. I took several pics of the phenomenon. We walked around a bit, exploring. After a bit of exploring we went back to the car and left.

After getting home I read someone else's expedition report and realized we earned the "mouse over day" achievement so I used that template to add a ribbon.

That's it, enjoy the pics. The cicadas are coming!




OfficeLinebacker earned the 2013 Mouse Over Day achievement
by collecting cicadas in the (38, -77) graticule on the Saturday following May 21st 2013.