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Thu 28 Mar 2013 in 38,-77:
38.6717396, -77.1702692

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[edit] Location

In some woods next to the parking lot for Pirates Cove waterpark in Lorton VA. Apparently they store RVs here in the offseason.

[edit] Participants

OfficeLinebacker (talk)OfficeLinebacker

[edit] Plans

[edit] Expedition

Set out from Rockville at about 9:50. This was fairly straightforward as the GPS took me right to the driveway of the park. Once I got inside I detoured based on my own survey because the GPS would not have taken me to the closest parking lot. Once I arrived I realized that the vehicles I saw on the satellite pic are not buses of schoolchildren as I thought, but RVs. They rent out the lot to RV owners. It's a very desirable spot. I talked to a guy who said he was on a waiting list for three years.

There is also temporary (only during the offseason) storage right next to it.

I parked the car next to a pile of firewood and set off into the woods. There was a path which I should have used because even though it was windy, it would have taken me very close to the spot. Once I realized this I got on the path. A fallen tree which formed a bridge over a ravine showed the way to the exact location so I crossed it and took my pictures. Nice little location.

The GPS wasn't very exact and kept shifting accuracy but I am reasonably confident that at one point I was within a few feet of the exact spot.

Once I finished, I decided to head to the geohash for the next graticule over.

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