2008-08-08 38 -77

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Fri 8 Aug 2008 in D.C. West:
38.6624398, -77.9135199

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Off Highway 211 and Highway 229, at the end of a road called "Golf Run". Just south of the South Wales golf course.



My friend and I headed out to the meeting place for the Washington D.C. graticule, which was about a 45 minute drive from us. We only got minimally lost too! We had a lot of fun, but we don't have a GPS so we never made it to the actual site. But we drove as close as we could using googlemap, and then got out and walked around. The road ended up being this golf course in a development in the middle of no where called New Wales. It had ridiculous faux-British street names, and the golf course was very "let's pretend we're rich!" But right next to the parking lot was this over grown path heading up into the woods, so we followed that. We passed by this rank smelling thing that I'm pretty sure was sewage processing, and then we climbed a little hill, and at the top was this old abandoned house! It was very strange and way cool. We walked around a little bit and saw a mother deer and her fawn, but they ran off before we could get their picture. Again, we never got to the right place, but we found awesome!

I think that's it for the pictures. There are some more of the house, but I think there are enough here.