2008-06-28 38 -77

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Sat 28 Jun 2008 in 38,-77:
38.6581110, -77.3656342

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The point was located in some woods in Woodbridge, VA.

Who Came?[edit]

What Happened?[edit]

Chuck and Dan arrived at the gas station at approximately 4 PM. Dan went to the alternate point on Mayfair Dr, but no one showed up there, and he was scared off by the Jesus stickers on all the card. He went back to the Gas Station, where EpeeGnome showed up. The three of them made an intrepid and daring march about 400 feet, to where they thought the Hash Point might well be. A glorious monument to man's indefatigable spirit of adventure was erected, which shall surely stand as an inspiration to future geohashers.

After arriving back at the gas station, Chuck said his goodbyes, and headed home. Dan and EpeeGnome decided to head across the street, to find a nice, air-conditioned place to play Go. As they were leaving, they encountered Ben, Michael, and Johann, the three Idahoans, fresh from a hard day's Potato Farming.

The group adjourned to a nearby Subway restaurant, where EpeeGnome introduced everyone to the extremely entertaining game of 1000 Blank White Cards. A round of the game was played and thoroughly enjoyed by all - much to the chagrin of the Subway employees - and it was voted official activity of DC area geohashes.

The decision was made to retire from Subway (much to the relief of the employees), and a second attempt at reaching the hash point was made, with assistance from Google Maps and cellphone tower triangulation, provided by Johann's iPhone (yes, he has an iPhone. Isn't he special?). This time, we reached what we were fairly certain was the actual location, and bulletproof evidence to this effect was taken. As it was getting close to dark by this point, we went our separate ways.


Hey, great! Glad others showed up, and very glad you were able to make it official. I hope for a longer R&R pass next weekend. I am amazed at how fun this was, considering what actually happened. Nice meeting you -

- Chuck

Hey, had a great time with everyone. It's really nice to get to hang out with some nerds once in a while. I look forward to my next geohash, perhaps on the 12th. Also, I'll be bringing DC's new 1kbwc deck to the next meetup I can make it to. If we grow it a bit bigger, we can start to distribute it and get some redundancy. That way, the odds of a playable deck being available go up substantially.

- EpeeGnome

I had an awesome time! Like EpeeGnome said, it's great to hang out with some fellow nerds. 1000 Blank White Cards was a blast - I shall have to start spreading that around where I can. And make some cards for next week, apparently. Hope to see you all again next week!

- Ciel

Hey, yeah, 1000 Blank White Cards will definitely have to become a tradition at the meetups. That was a lot of fun. I'll see about working on a deck myself to bring next time. Hope to see you all (and more) at the next one!

- Michael