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Lol-asg.png 33 / m / 38,-76

A programmer in Lexington Park (East Washington DC graticule). I don't have a gps unit, so accuracy will be dubious unless I manage to meet up with people who do have one. I am know as George outside of the internet, and can be easily recognized by my hat. If you live near me, I am open to the idea of carpooling. I can often be contacted at EpeeGnomeGrandal on AIM.

Points Reached:[edit]

2008-07-12 38 -77 - Near the last one. Odd. An intermittent clutch nearly kept me from going.

2008-06-28 38 -77 - Longer drive, still worth it.

2008-06-14 38 -77 - First geohash, well worth the drive.


Land geohash for 2008-06-14 38 -77, no technical proof of it though, so no badge yet.