2008-06-03 44 -93

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Tue 3 Jun 2008 in 44,-93:
44.9579927, -93.1289349

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A photo of today's spot, with an arrow showing the exact spot on the apron at the end of the alley.

A spot on St. Albans St N in St. Paul, in the Minneapolis SW, Minnesota graticule.

Reached by Joel at 1pm while out on errands. He was only there for a couple of minutes and felt a little self conscious poking about in a residential area.

Reached by Scott at 2pm with some friends (including Mark). They were confronted with a few residents of the area, and left a little while afterwards.

Reached by Erica at 4pm with her cousin Lauren. Lauren snapped a few pics before they also retreated due to the awkwardness.


These photos were taken by Erica's cousin Lauren.