2008-05-25 44 -93

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Sun 25 May 2008 in 44,-93:
44.9417749, -93.1828736

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While the typical meet-up time is on Saturday at 4 PM, due to the in-city nature of Sunday's coordinates, we had a spontaneous extra meet-up. This meetup was accomplished at 5 PM local time. Attending were Erica, Ford, Erica's friend Chris and Abi. The coordinates fell directly on the sidewalk at the corner of Prior Ave and Summit Ave in Saint Paul, Minnesota. I (Abi) arrived last, and the other three had already moved across to the grassy greenway in the middle of Summit Avenue. We chatted and then proceeded to play Ingenious, until we were chased away by a sudden storm. (Yes, the same storm that spawned the tornado in one of the suburbs of Saint Paul).


These photos were taken by Erica's friend Chris.