2009-12-05 45 -92

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2009-12-05 45 -92 Hash.JPG

Sat 5 Dec 2009 in 45,-92:
45.0580557, -92.9298404

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The location was in a field next to Mahtomedi High School. Google maps indicated that it would be in a small grove of trees, but there are now many fewer trees than appear on the satellite view, placing this well into the open area.






Since I just moved halfway across the country this week, I spent part of Saturday exploring the Twin Cities, and scouting for DARPA balloons (on the off chance that I'd spot one). I'd decided that if it worked out, I'd head by the hash on my way home. I didn't post anything beforehand, nor did anyone else, so it's not surprising that I was the only one there.

I had very little trouble finding the area, but drove past it in each direction before deciding to pull into the athletic fields parking lot of what turned out to be Mahtomedi High School. I parked in a corner of the lot, next to the only other car there. There was a sign informing me that there was a ski trail there, and asking people not to walk on it once it snowed. Since there was only a light dusting of snow, I proceeded.

A short walk over a small hill led to the hash-I'm not sure I hit it exactly, but I was able to match up the houses through the trees across the road, so I'm certain I got within 50 feet. (Having recently graduated college, being unemployed, moving across the country, and not started my new job, there's not enough funds for a GPS yet.)

I reached the area a few minutes past 4:00, spotting the owner of the other car walking his dog at the other side of the field. I took a few photos, and left the hash, as I didn't anticipate the weather and wasn't dressed quite warmly enough.