2010-08-20 44 -93

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Fri 20 Aug 2010 in 44,-93:
44.9087523, -93.0584943

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South Saint Paul, in (or near) Kaposia Park off Highway 52 & Butler Ave.


Jonathan & his girlfriend Kaitlyn


Planing unknown


Jonathan & Kaitlyn[edit]

Today I managed to go on my first expedition and drag Kaitlyn along with me!

We drove to Kaposia park and proceeded to make our way through the disc golf course; this allowed us to approach the hash the "stealthy" way. After scrambling down the sketchy embankment near the creek, we proceeded to make our way UP the opposite embankment (read: CLIFF).

We found ourselves very close to an adjacent property where children were playing. Having ventured a little too close for Kaitlyn's comfort, we found an appropriate angle to take the snapshot and headed back through the woods.


Photos later tonight!


  • Unclear if they made it or just gave up