Lockport, New York

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Today's location: not yet announced

Today's location: [Lockport, NY]
Alternate location: [Buffalo, NY]

The Lockport, New York graticule is at 43 degrees north, 78 degrees west. Much of this graticule covers Lake Ontario, making the reachable geohashes very sparse.

When the day's location ends up in Lake Ontario, we may repair to a secondary location further south, in the Buffalo, New York graticule (42, -78). Of course, one is still free to float, swim, sail, row, motorboat, jetski, fly, or take whatever other form of aqueous or aerial locomotion to the primary location in Lake Ontario, if one wishes. If the location is ashore across Lake Ontario in Canada, that counts. Life on the border is strange that way, sometimes, and you do the best you can.


2009-05-10 43 -78 Location: Oshawa, Ontario
Coordinates: 43.900395°, -78.855149°

2009-07-16 43 -78 Location: Whitby, Ontario
Coordinates: 43.8846973°, -78.9212991°

2010-08-08 43 -78 Location: Whitby, Ontario
Coordinates: 43.8514438°, -78.8988717°

2012-05-15 43 -78 Location: Lockport Road, New York
Coordinates: 43.0962780°, -78.2920972°

2015-01-05 43 -78 Location: Corner of Bowmiller and Dysinger Rds at the SE edge of Lockport, NY
Coordinates: 43.1310418°, -78.6527237°

2015-06-03 43 -78 Location: On Liberty Rd by Ceres Electronics Corp.
Coordinates: 43.0736888°, -78.9246192°

2015-10-20 43 -78 Location: Grand Island, next to Spicer Creek in a subdivision
Coordinates: 43.0184055°, -78.9204157°

2016-02-15 43 -78 Location: In a field off the Fingerlakes Trail by Akron, NY
Coordinates: 43.0055425°, -78.4584458°

2016-05-21 43 -78 Location: Edge of a field off Martin Rd, in Clarence Center
Coordinates: 43.0365641°, -78.6168378°

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