2009-05-10 43 -78

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Sun 10 May 2009 in Lockport, New York:
43.9003955, -78.8551485

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Hash point was located on by a stump near Bond St. and Ray St. in Oshawa, ON north of a courthouse. Other nearby landmarks included a curling club, and a car dealership.



By coincidence, I was going to be in the 43, -78 graticule on Mothers day to visit my mother. I got her Thai food for lunch and went half in on a new stereo with my brother. He also gave a CD that was signed by the artist, PJ Bond. She liked our gifts very much.

As I had already driven all the way to Oshawa from HQ, I didn't feel bad in making a short side trip in the middle of the afternoon with my car, Em.

Upon arrival at the site, it became clear that a tree once stood at the hash point. A short funeral service was held for Jim. Although, I suppose he would be the-tree-formerly-not-known-as-Jim now. Death cares not for titles.

After gathering the required evidence (I need a camera stand it would seem) I returned to my parents to have some more fun conversation and Lasagna.



Splitdipless earned the Two to the N achievement
by attempting to reach 21 hashpoints on 2009-05-10 43 -78 and is promoted to Level 1 (Expeditions).