2016-07-21 43 -78

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Thu 21 Jul 2016 in 43,-78:
43.0668948, -78.8118499

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In the woods by Acadia Park Cemetery



Had some vendors for work coming into town so I went into the office. Didn't know the coordinates yet so I figured I'd check on my phone at the proper time.

They were decent for the Buffalo graticule in Allegany State Park but I checked the Lockport hash just in case. It appeared reachable as I could park all the way in the back of the cemetery. I would just have to hope the woods there weren't posted. I was also thinking if I could get out of work a bit early, I could hit this hash on the way home and then take the dogs to Allegany for a Double Hash.


Getting out of work, I checked my phone for directions to the hash. They seemed simple enough, but I still missed a connecting road after going over Tonawanda Creek. Getting back on track, it was simple enough to find the cemetery and I picked the correct roads to get to the very back. I found dirt mounds and the woods where the hash would be and parked the car. Now, normally, I would be using my GPS and I could have sworn I put it in the car, but I couldn't find it when I reached under the driver's seat. Undeterred, I turned on the Mobile Data on my phone and used the Geohashing app for the first time to find the hash.

It worked really well as I climbed over the dirt mounds and into the woods. I found I was walking through what would normally be a swamp, but with the drought we are in, was just about all dried up. This would have been quite messy and maybe impossible otherwise. I was able to successfully get to the hash and get my proof before heading home to take the dogs out.

Unfortunately, I got stuck in rush-hour traffic on the way home and it would have been too late to drive to Allegany for a second hash without running out of daylight. I took the dogs to a local park instead where they enjoyed themselves, nonetheless.



This user earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (43, -78) geohash on 2016-07-21.