2010-08-08 43 -78

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Sun 8 Aug 2010 in 43,-78:
43.8514438, -78.8988717

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Location was in the middle of a field in Whibty, near a nature trail, at the south end of Thickson Road.


Stop and walk into a field on a return trip from the cottage. What could be easier?



After checking Satellite images to see where the point was, it appeared that the point would be very accessible, being on a field next to a paved 'nature' trail. What I wasn't expecting was the field plants being nearly as high as I was.

On getting to the end of Thickson Rd., I took the paved nature path as close as I could get, which was about 25 meters away. I couldn't see the actual point, as the wall of vegetation separating me from the point was taller then me. I took a picture of ~26 meters, and trudged back to my car, expecting to write this in as a chickening out. Then I noticed that a company on the other side of the field had cut their lawn. I wondered if I could get closer to the point, as they didn't have a fence up or no trespassing signs. As I got on their lawn, I did notice that only the edge of the field close to the nature path was high. The rest of the field was pushed down, probably by some animal like deer, resting in the field. I became resolved to get the point by transversing the field on top of the pushed down plants.

So, I was effectively standing on about a half meter of grass and other plants, making my way along deer trails, when I nearly ran into a female specimen of Argiope aurantia, also known as a yellow and black garden spider, or a golden orb weaver, but my first thought was that it was a big and scary sonofabitch. I suggested a Red Spider Achievement, in honour of strip 8, and we'll just have to wait and see what comes from that.

A few steps away, I get to the point and photograph 0 m. Yay!

On my trek out of the field, I ended up stepping in a spot that wasn't as built up, and ended up falling about half a meter down to the ground, then fell over. My thoughts instantly returned to the big and scary sonofabitch spider, and I shot up and out of that hole in the underbrush. After getting back to paved land, I checked myself for spiders and ticks, dried off my legs and changed to my dress shoes (mainly because my sandals were now soaked). Then I had a cookie. I think it was deserved.