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2009-07-16 43 -78

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Thu 16 Jul 2009 in Lockport:
43.8846973, -78.9212991

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[edit] About

The point was on a sidewalk in front of an unused store in Whitby, near the corner of Dundas (Hwy 2) and Anderson.

[edit] Expedition

[edit] Splitdipless

This was a real "hash 'n dash" (tm). I left work and drove "Em" to the point, snapped a couple shots, then drove into the city. I missed only a couple minutes of beach volleyball, but I blame that more on the parking.

The unused store was right beside a vibrant mechanic's shop, so I wonder why it was no longer in use? Perhaps a horrible accident? Rent must be cheap, it could make a good lab, depending on the electrical service amp rating. Hmmm...

[edit] Photos