2017-11-29 43 -78

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Wed 29 Nov 2017 in 43,-78:
43.0493334, -78.8843294

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At the bend of Northeast Ave in North Tonawanda



I haven't been getting on many expeditions lately and this one being accessible, I really wanted to go. I was kind of close if I went right after work from Williamsville, but I had plans in the evening and had to get home to my dogs first. But since I was going back into the city(Buffalo), I figured I could just go from there. I've talked about Slow Roll in a few previous Expedition reports if I've gone on an adventure before one of the Monday evening rides during the Slow Roll Season. This was a fundraiser for the Slow Roll so we could help pay for our Police escort on our rides. We are partially responsible for paying their overtime while they work our 'Parade'. It was a pretty big success being held at Resurgence, one of the newer local breweries with good food/beer and a lot of basket raffles. I managed to win on two!

After the event, I drove up to NT (what the locals call it) and found the Hash-street. Turning on the GPS, I slowly drove down the street to the bend but couldn't get a good reading on the GPS while staying in the car. I guess I'll have to park and do the silly GPS dance. I was able to get a good reading and got some pictures, but the surrounding area was hard to get on the poor phone camera in the dark. As I was turning to walk back to the car, I hear from the darkness "what are you taking pictures of?" Uh-oh, I'm going to have to explain this curious game I'm playing. I replied that I'm playing an internet game kind of like geocaching but with one random point every day and today it landed right there *pointing*. He replied with "Weird". With no argument against that, I shrugged my shoulders in quasi-agreement and returned to my car happy with my 'weird win for the day'.



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by reaching the (43, -78) geohash on 2017-11-29.