2016-02-15 43 -78

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Mon 15 Feb 2016 in 43,-78:
43.0055425, -78.4584458

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In a field by Murder Creek; Near Akron, NY


Interesting local history[edit]

Before I get into the report, a Note on Murder Creek. There was another hash last year that was close to this creek as well, but clearly on private property so I didn't go to that one. I had mentioned it on IRC though and I believe it was Crox that was interested in knowing more about it. I looked around online and found a Legend about it that involved Native Americans and early settlers to the area.


I really wasn't planning on going to this geohash, but on Monday morning, I rechecked the hash. In looking at the street-view previously, I saw some kinds of signs on the posts/gate of the path and I wasn't sure if they were posted signs. I really didn't want to drive an hour with the dogs only to be turned away before we even got out of the car. On my morning check, however, a green Hiking sign caught my eye. That meant I would at least have access to the trail under the wires and I was happy to go.

Getting there, I saw the hiking sign indicated it was the Fingerlakes Trail (the lakes of that group are in Central NY) which I didn't realize came all the way out to Western NY. Walking to the trail, I could see in the winter it's used as a Snow-mobile trail, but fortunately, the snow was shallow enough that no one was riding.

Walking down the trail, I could see the multitude of Posted signs all along both sides, and my only hope was that the hash was on a piece of property that wasn't posted. While there were some sections that weren't posted, when I got as close as I could to the hash on the trail, there were still signs by that section. I got a few pictures and continued along the trail to the next road crossing for an extended hike.

I got to see a few hawks(too far away to identify), a deer that crossed the trail well ahead of us and on the way back to the car, a lone hiker going the other way. We just said hi and he greeted the dogs before we all continued on our way. On the way home, I also saw a huge flock of wild turkeys in a field.

It was a nice hike despite not being able to make it to the hash and I know the dogs really enjoyed themselves.



Pedalpusher earned the No trespassing consolation prize
by almost (0.24 Miles) reaching the (43, -78) geohash on 2016-02-15.