2017-08-23 43 -78

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Wed 23 Aug 2017 in 43,-78:
43.0209494, -78.7101698

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On the edge of Shady Grove Dr in East Amherst



I was extra ambitious today and went for 2; this is Part 1. When the coordinates were available, I saw they were reasonably close to the office, but trying to go after work would have wasted a lot of time getting home as I would hit the worst of rush hour. Oh, duh, I should go at lunch.

Around 12:30, I grabbed my lunch and directions, and headed for the car.

I'm glad it was only about 4 miles away and I had some time to play with. Halfway there, they were paving the road I wanted to take and the street was closed. I couldn't just wing it as I was in the middle of suburbia with curvy streets and dead ends everywhere.

I considered just turning back as I got out my phone to look at the map, but I found a short way around. Fortunately, they weren't blocking the road where I came back in, and I found Shady Grove. Parking at the end of the street with the hash, I walked back and had a short GPS dance to zero in on the spot. Getting my pics, I hurried back to the car and the office.

First expedition: Success!

You can read about my second expedition after work here.



This user earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (43, -78) geohash on 2017-08-23.