2016-12-07 43 -78

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Wed 7 Dec 2016 in 43,-78:
43.0394630, -78.7848475

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In the woods of Nature View park in Amherst, NY



At an employment seminar in the morning on "Negotiation and Maximizing Compensation", I checked the coordinates during a break. I was surprised to see it pretty close to my location in the North-Eastern suburbs of Buffalo. Looking at the map it looked like the hash was just off an access road in a park and looked reachable.

I decided to drive over after the seminar and see what I could find. I ended up driving past the access road and executed a U-Turn and pulled in only to find signs prohibiting motor vehicles and other signs saying this was a private driveway(there was a house next to the road that had a parking area on the access road. So I turned around, pulled out and parked on North French road. Walking back to the access road, I saw no signs prohibiting access or pedestrians, so I continued in. Getting close to the hash, I found an opening in the brush next to the road and continued into the woods. The forest was very open and it was easy to make my way to the hash where I got my pictures.

I made my way back to the car and for home, contemplating making a second expedition to the Buffalo hash which was located it Allegany State Park and also just off the road. However, I didn't get home until close to 14:30 and it would be over an hour's drive to Allegany giving me about 45 minutes or so of light. I decided that if I'm going to drive that long, I needed to be able to give the dogs longer than a 45 minute walk. I took the dogs to Chestnut Ridge where we hike around regularly instead.



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