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Today's Location: Detroit, MI

The Detroit graticule is at latitude 42, longitude -83. It includes about 90% of Detroit, all of Detroit's western suburbs (Southfield, Livonia, Canton), all of Oakland County (Royal Oak, Troy, Pontiac), the western part of Macomb County (Sterling Heights, Warren, Center Line) and all of Ann Arbor. It also encompasses about half of Windsor, Ontario and half of Flint, Michigan.

The Detroit graticule does not include northern Flint (43, -83), some of Detroit's eastern suburbs such as Mt. Clemens, or eastern parts of Windsor (42, -82). However, depending on the density of XKCDers and the location of the hot spot, individuals from these areas may want to consider the Detroit graticule instead.

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2008-05-24 42 -83 -- This location is not only on land, but appears to be very reachable.

2008-05-31 42 -83 --

2008-06-01 42 -83 -- In the middle of a field on a private road in an area that looked like it was being developed for new houses.

2008-06-07 42 -83 -- Right in someone's driveway. Meetup was maybe 80 feet north in a nice shaded area by a sidewalk.

2008-06-14 42 -83 -- The Saturday meetup is in Romeo, Michigan in someone's front yard off a dirt road.

2008-06-16 42 -83 -- Justin's Music Inc, 14621 Fenkell St., Detroit MI

2008-06-21 42 -83 -- Saturday's meetup is right in front of Atherton Middle School, Burton, MI

2008-06-22 42 -83 -- Bald Mountain Recreation Area

2008-06-23 42 -83 -- N of Long Lake / E of Squirrel Rd

2008-06-27 42 -83 -- South Blvd / Squirrel Rd area

2008-06-28 42 -83 -- Saturday meetup: Watkins Lake area, Waterford MI

2008-06-30 42 -83 -- In thick woods, between Joslyn Rd and a golf course, around the town of Lake Orion

2008-07-07 42 -83 -- Speed Racer achievement opportunity today, in the right-hand southbound lane of Orchard Lake Road, south of 11 Mile Road.

2008-07-12 42 -83 -- Saturday's meetup in parking lot for the GM Truck Product Center in Pontiac.. inaccessible.

2008-08-16 42-83 United Memorial Garden Cemetery - a very peaceful and beautiful place, appropriate for reflection on what it means to be alive. posted as an alternative to the freeway embankment.

2009-01-23 42 -83 -- Near the northwest corner of Veterans Memorial Park in Warren off of Martin Road between Hoover and Van Dyke.

2009-03-14 42 -83 -- Saturday's meetup is on the grounds of Oakland Mall in Troy. Copious food options in the immediate vicinity.

2009-04-18 42 -83 -- Hah, just a few feet off Hack RD.

2009-06-01 42 -83 -- Today's hash location is just north of Maple Rd (15 Mile) on Crooks. Possibility exists for a Cubicle Geohash, based on the satellite imagery.

2009-07-29 42 -83 -- Today's hash location is on the berm between St. Petka Serbian Orthodox Church and Troy Athens HS at Wattles and John R. I plan on being there for multiple achievements around 6:30pm.

2009-08-26 42 -83 -- Today's hash location is on Bridge Park Drive, off Crooks Road between Square Lake and South Blvd in Troy.

2009-08-29 42 -83 -- See Windsor, ON graticule!

2009-09-12 42 -83 -- Hash located in Sheldon Park in Canton. Anyone up for a 4pm picnic meetup; maybe some tennis? Please discuss on the expedition page and/or its talk page. (Ultimately, no one went.)

2009-10-10 42 -83 -- Hash located on athletic complex at Harrison High School in Farmington Hills. Marching band was watched, tennis was played!

2010-02-11 42 -83 -- Hash located in a back yard off of Ruby Road in Rochester Hills. Youngest Geohash title snagged!

2010-02-12 42 -83 -- Hash located in a condo complex near 18 Mile and Dequindre. I plan a quick stop off there after work today for consecutive geohashes!

2010-02-13 42 -83 -- Hash located on Quarton Road near Franklin Road. Speed Racer achievement, and possibly three in a row?

2010-02-15 42 -83 -- Hash located less than a mile from my house, just to the north of Rochester Medical Center at Rochester Road and South Blvd.

2010-04-21 42 -83 -- Hash located in Hines Park, in Westland.

2011-01-22 42 -83 -- On the grounds of the Pontiac Silverdome. Anybody up for a Saturday Meetup?

2011-04-25 42 -83 -- Hash located in Troy, near the corner of Gate and Forge streets.

2012-01-10 42 -83 -- Off Long Lake Road between Livernois and Rochester

2012-08-16 42 -83 -- Small field/vacant lot near the Dixie Land flea market. Area was kinda sketchy so I couldn't drop off the car and approach for picture

2012-08-18 42 -83 -- Saturday's hash location is in the Troy city office complex, very reachable! Anybody up for a Saturday meetup?

2013-03-27 42 -83 -- Today's hash is in the parking lot of Oakland Mall.

2013-05-07 42 -83 -- Hash located in the car park of a CVS in Scio Township, just west of Ann Arbor.

2013-11-09 42 -83 -- Anyone in for trapseing around a farm?! by Saline?

2013-12-28 42 -83 -- Hash is just outside Metamora, in a frozen swampy area.

2014-06-29 42 -83 -- Hash is at Pine Lake School, in West Bloomfield.

2014-11-09 42 -83 -- Hash is in Grand Blanc Charter Township.

2019-01-27 42 -83 -- Five years later, Ipswichb makes this graticule active again with an easy hash in a road's median.

2019-07-21 42 -83 -- Hash is in Brighton Recreational Area

2019-07-27 42 -83 -- Hash is just off a road nearby Howell

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  • David Linz
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Chris earned the Virgin Graticule Achievement
by being the first to reach any hashpoint in the (42, -83) graticule, here, on 2008-05-31.