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2009-03-14 42 -83

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Sat 14 Mar 2009 in 42,-83:
42.5407367, -83.1119046

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[edit] About

Saturday's hash location is on the grounds of Oakland Mall in Troy, near what I think is a power substation on the north side of the access road surrounding the mall. (We'll want to have Geohashing documentation in case mall security gets nervous about a bunch of people milling around that area.)

[edit] Plan

Bill^2: Weather is supposed to be relatively comfortable on Saturday, with highs near 50 and sunny. Nearby food options are many, from restaurants in the mall (coneys, Olga's, etc.) and on the mall grounds (Chili's, Krispy Kreme, Logan's Roadhouse) to just outside (Grand Azteca, Steak & Shake, Panera).

We'll plan to be there at 4:00. Hope to see others as well!

[edit] Meetup

Bill^2: Bill^2, wife Sarah, and son Brayden arrived at the hash location at 4:00, to find Miquel waiting in his car. Introductions were quickly made, and we Froggered across Chicago Road, the Oakland Mall access drive, to the hash location. After guessing wrong on the approximate location by a couple of meters both west and north, we finally nailed the hash location to three decimals, a couple meters off of Chicago Road. Bill snapped a couple of pictures for posterity, and Miquel took some video to commemorate the event. There were, unfortunately, no safe places to make a marking without defacing property, so we deferred. As the immediate surroundings were not particularly conducive to gaming or other merriment, we all headed our separate ways, with promises to catch up again on a slightly warmer day.