2008-07-12 42 -83

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Sat 12 Jul 2008 in 42,-83:
42.6128965, -83.2604917

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In the parking lot for the GM Truck Product Center in Pontiac. Don't think it'd be a very good idea to trespass there... any suggestions?

Actually, the spot is pretty accessible, you guys should all swing by, I'll be around a little longer. -CMW

Yes, east about half a mile is a strip mall with a Leo's Coney Island, 3999 Centerpoint Pkwy # 112, Pontiac, MI

I'll swing by after work, but it'll be closer to 4:30

-- Paris


If someone else is going to be there, my friend and I might be able to make it. But we rather not trespass -there-.

I'm going to be there early, probably can't stay until 4. I may go check out the lakes to the west since I've never been over there. -CMW