2008-06-01 42 -83

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Sun 1 Jun 2008 in 42,-83:
42.3491079, -83.9162389

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We got there at around 12 PM. Since we lacked a GPS we couldn't verify our coordinates but we used a printed Google Map and some heuristics to work it out. Nobody else was there. Pictures will be uploaded later. It was in the middle of a field on a private road in an area that looked like it was being developed for new houses. We had a picnic in the shade on the side of the road, and later when we biked back we swam in an abandoned quarry by the Huron River.


Bella, Noam, Noah, and Eric (shenron) all biked there starting around 10pm. We took it slow, and got there around 1pm after stopping in Dexter's Busch's to steal donuts and water. We continued onward and stopped to climb trees and eat sandwiches in the field where the location was. It was just northwest of Dexter off of Island Lk road, and it was on a private street in a residential area. Afterwards we returned back and on the way swam in an abandoned rock quarry just off of the huron river that had probably collected rainwater.