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I'm in the Detroit, Michigan graticule.

I'm not too nimble (at 70), but meetups close to roads and close to my location (e of A2 and n of Ypsi) would be interesting to me. If a geohash ever happens to be located really close to me (and I notice it) I would be happy to invite the meetup over for refreshments.

Total newbie to geohashing, but early adopter of GPS.

Can anyone remember the MicroLogic Sportsman (mid-1990s; wow, not even 25 years ago!) that ate up eight AA batteries in about 4 hours? I made an external eight-C-cell battery power pack for it. I later made a NiMH pack for a small Garmin that seemed to eat batteries. (Is there a theme here?) I also had a DeLorme GPS that hooked to the serial port on a laptop and fed location to a DeLorme program that provided my first turn-by-turn GPS mapping/routing system. Then a series of Garmin StreetPilot units.

I now have - besides the GPS/mapper/router in each car - a Garmin Oregon450 which seems to be fairly conservative about battery use (10+ hours on two AA cells). (Plus, of course, all the GPS units in my iPhone and iPads.)


Note for Washtenaw County meetups: the eWashtenaw site offers a way to discover who owns land at a given location. (You need the MicroSoft Silverlight extension on your OS/browser combination to use this.) Click on any parcel and get information about the parcel, including the owner's name and address. This might be helpful (combined with a White Pages search) to get advance permission to visit an interesting, yet inaccessible, location; also information about the best/safest/least-destructive way in.

----Pete (talk) 12:22, 22 November 2013 (EST)