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User Info[edit]

Chris Allington

Rochester, Michigan


Recent News[edit]

9/6/08 Like all of you, I love xkcd. I love that it is scientifically inclined, nerdy, and that it often comments on the subject of scientific rigor (or lack thereof). That is why I'm sure that Randall wouldn't mind if I put in my two cents about the cartoon "Know Your Vines". Heck, why would he care? I'm sure he doesn't have time to read all the updates to this geohashing site. Anyway, my criticism is not of Randall himself, he is only repeating the commonly-held horticultural myth that Virginia Creeper is harmless, and that people often break out in rashes after coming in contact with Virginia Creeper because Poison Ivy grows in the same habitat. Out of respect and sympathy for the itchy victims of this plant everywhere, I must shout: LIES LIES LIES!!! Check out this page on "davesgarden" to see how many people, like me, are horribly alergic to this plant:

5/31/08 Arrived at the meeting location 15 minutes late. Waited 15 minutes. Didn't see anybody else. Went castor-boarding at Willow Metropark.

5/27/08 OK, I know this site is based on the wiki model and is not a social site. Any info-gathering perhaps best be done elsewhere. (Such as the blag) But I'll just post the top questions I've been wondering about in my user page and maybe somebody could answer them by emailing me... 1. Why doesn't the Detroit graticule work when I put in past dates? In the discussion I see people talking about putting in their birthdays, but for me it just keeps resetting to today's date. 2. Did I read somewhere that for calcualting the Saturday meetup locations, it uses the Dow's opening number from Friday? Does it do this automatically? Should I enter Saturday's date anyway, and it makes the adjustment on its own? Does this mean that I can enter Saturday's date anytime after 9:00 AM on Friday, and it will show me a location, instead of just showing me a blank map, like it usually does when I enter a future date?

5/26/08 Just joined. You guys are nuts going out there what with the big dogs and the irate locals.

Perhaps a good approach would be to send one embassador forth with a gift-basket or something and ask permission.

Good geohashing songs: '92 Subaru - Fountains of Wayne Car Wheels on a Gravel Road - Lucinda Williams

I'm assuming this is a WYSIWYG and I don't need any tags...

Locations Reached[edit]

6/7/08 Joined Ryan, David, Joel, Frank and David for games, diabolos and ripstiking on a pedestrian walkway in Madison Heights.

5/31/08 Road between farm fields near Gibralter. I didn't see anybody else.