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2010-02-11 42 -83

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Thu 11 Feb 2010 in Detroit:
42.6277961, -83.1534468

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[edit] About

The day's hash was in a private back yard off of Ruby Road in Rochester Hills, MI.

[edit] Expedition

Bill^2: Today's hash was about a mile as the crow flies from my home (so close to the Couch Potato Honorable Mention!). I've been looking for a nearby hash for the last couple of weeks since the birth of my daughter, and having one this close to the house seemed like a perfect opportunity. With the hash location right on the fence line between two properties, I had two shots at being able to convince a homeowner to let me in their back yard.

The first house was a wash. I could tell there was someone home -- I saw her in the window upstairs, but believe that it was probably a tween girl under responsibly strict orders not to open doors for strange men in minivans. I moved next door, and a pleasant fellow named Earl answered. I gave the usual "internet scavenger hunt" excuse, and explained that the GPS coordinates I was sent to were in his back yard. He agreed to let me go back there, so I retrieved Sarah, Brayden and Aurora from the car and trudged through half a foot of snow most of the way into his back yard. In the cold temperatures, speed was of the essence, so I got a close fix on the coordinates, snapped our pictures, and got the heck back in the car. Success!

[edit] Achievements

billsquared earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (42, -83) geohash on 2010-02-11.
billsquared earned the Youngest Geohash Achievement
by geohashing on 2010-02-11 with his daughter Aurora, aged , , 16 days.
2010-02-11 42 -83 sa.jpg
This user earned the Ambassador achievement
by obtaining permission from Earl to access the (42, -83) geohash on 2010-02-11.
2010-02-11 42 -83 bsb.jpg

[edit] Photos