2019-01-27 42 -83

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Sun 27 Jan 2019 in Detroit, Michigan:
42.6217799, -83.9507160

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In the median of a divided highway.




I was travelling across the state and noticed how close this hash was to my route. I took a slight detour from I-96 and drove down this divided highway to the geohash. I was approaching from the west, and was therefore on the south side of the divided highway. Once I got to the north side and was driving the opposite direction, I pulled the car over on the median side and noticed I was only seven meters away from the hash. Not wanting to risk getting out of my car on such a busy highway, I called this close enough for a successful hash expedition, snapped a picture out of my window of the hashpoint, and continued on my way. I can't really call this a speed racer, though, as the hashpoint wasn't technically on the road and I definitely wasn't going the maximum legal speed.



Ipswichb earned the Two to the N achievement
by reaching 23 hashpoints on 2019-01-27 42 -83 and is promoted to Level 3 (Coordinates reached).