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Wed 22 Feb 2012 in 60,25:
60.1641560, 25.0837553

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In Helsinki, Jollas, the Mansion of Jollas



It's been almost three years when I was geohashing last time. The hash point rarely hits Helsinki or any place so near that I could take a bus there, so now I just had to go since the point was near and in a reachable place. I checked the map and the point seemed to be inside the mansion. The mansion is not for public. You can rent it, but otherwise you can't go in. When I stood next to wall, the hash point was two to three meters away. I took some pictures of my self and then of the building. That's when I noticed that a surveillance camera was looking straight at my when I was taking pictures of my self. I also found a geocache fairly near the mansion, but since it's a multi-cache, I won't reveal how far was it.