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Sat 7 Aug 2010 in Vantaa:
60.8714800, 25.7146075

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These coordinates were located in the middle of nowhere near Orimattila, Finland. As you can see photos below.

The coordinates were N60.87148°, E25.71461° (60°52.288, 25°42.877).

Graticule on 2010-08-07. (I do not understand why there are Vantaa, Finland. It should be Orimattila, Finland).

The graticule is the whole 1 degree x 1 degree rectangle. It is named after Vantaa because Vantaa is the largest town/city in that rectangle. So even if your expedition was at the other end, we still say "Vantaa, Finland". That is so people from other countries have only a small number of towns and cities to remember. In your expedition report, you can say that it is near the town of Orimattila, in the Vantaa graticule. -- Benjw 20:30, 8 August 2010 (UTC)

Ok, now i understand! Thanks Benjw! -- marcius 08:23 2010.08.09 (UTC+2)


marcius 13:20 2010.08.08 (UTC+2)


marcius' first geohashing location in very hot day + 33,8 °C