2016-02-10 60 25

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Wed 10 Feb 2016 in 60,25:
60.2217816, 25.0418432

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In the hill crest in Viikki

Plans by PPP[edit]

Easily reachable by public transport - Bus 550 from Itäkeskus 2016-02-10 60 25-approach.JPG

Sgt pepper's expedition[edit]



It seemed like a really easy geohash. We live nearby and the hash would be easily reached by foot. Just a little evening walk in the rain. Boy oh boy, we were wrong.

The path which goes around the forest is a ski track in the winter. Snow is mostly melted already and most of the roads aren't even icy anymore, but this former ski track was still thickly covered with ice and it had not been maintenanced at all. So it was all ice, and not been sanded at all.

So we had to proceed carefully. With little baby steps. Slowly. Very very slowly.

Finally we reached a steep slope and we could not go on. Just no way. Heeeell no. We would have needed an ice axe to get up there!

So we had to turn to the forest. There also would have been a small pathway, but it was also covered with ice and water on top of that, so we mainly walked where there was snow and no trail. It was dark. And wet. And we were still moving slowly. But we finally made it.

We took another route back. Jeez, we would have came that way to the hash if we knew how awful the big trail was. The way back was also a bit icy, and in the end there was a tricky brook crossing, but compared to the other route this one was a lot more pleasant.

With wet socks we returned home around 18.40.



Sgt pepper earned the Walk geohash Achievement
by reaching the (60, 25) geohash on 2016-02-10 on foot, travelling a distance of 3.3 km.