2011-02-09 60 25

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Wed 9 Feb 2011 in 60,25:
60.2400393, 25.1491208

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In the Finnish field close to east end of ring-way Kehä III [Karttapaikka map].

Pellolla kehä III idän päässä Porvarinlahteen laskevan valtaojan varressa, nykyisellä Helsingin kaupungin aluella.


  • PPP and Haaskalintu.


This was very straight forward.

I had already noticed that today's meet up in my home graticule was not too that faraway or not in some unreachable spot. When I found out that Haaskalintu has posted at FB seeking for company to expedition we soon had a plan for the evening. The plan included in total less than 20 km driving in shared car and 1000 m snow-shoeing that made our carbon footprint reasonable low.

The only problem was finding the legal parking space somewhere close enough from the point and because of the snow and nature of the roads around the point it was not an easy task. Some strange oddity has happened when they have cleaned the road. In the place where there shouldn't be there was a two car wide perfectly cleaned flat area in the side of the road. More odd was that it was the almost second closest point of hash where you can get by car....

.. and this was how we reached the Point - my first in 60 25!


Pitkästä aikaa hässimispiste osui kipurajan tälle puolelle, eli kehä kolmosen sisälle ja tarpeeksi mielenkiintoiselle paikalle. Huutelin facebookissa että kuka lähtisi mukaan, ja PPP innostui ajatuksesta. Sain kokeilla lumikenkiä ensimmäistä kertaa elämässäni. Oli hieno kokemus!

Weather & Sky[edit]

EFHF 091620Z 33013KT CAVOK M08/M11 Q1010

Temperature -8 Celsius degrees and 5-7 m/s northerly wind. Measured snow depth at Kumpula / Helsinki was 72cm.

Clear sky with visible brightest major stars and descending Jupiter in the low western area.