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Thu 15 Jul 2010 in 60,25:
60.3585818, 25.0108471

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Next to an easily accessible road that also has a popular cycling section. The hash itself appeared to be in a forest about 30 meters from the road.




The hash was at a very cyclable location, so a perfect way to spend a holiday afternoon was to actually visit my my first geohash. The plan was to leisurely cycle on the Vanha Tuusulantie and keep checking on Geohash Droid when I'm near.


Pretty much as planned. It was hotter, though, and more uphills and downhills than expected. For some reason the side of the road next to the hash had about four cars parked there. Not surprisingly, none of them were geohashers but apparently visitors to a nearby house.

Surprisingly, there was a path in the forest suitable for parking the cycle 30 meters from the hash. Even more surprisingly, there was another path 30 meters north, passing directly through the hashpoint. The thrill of actually reaching a geohash was something rather unexpected!

I walked around the area a bit, took some photographs and returned home right before the thunderstorm.