2012-05-04 60 25

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Fri 4 May 2012 in 60,25:
60.2950352, 25.0100074

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[edit] Location

in Vantaa, west of Tikkurila railway station

[edit] Participants

[edit] Plans

A student organization from Helsinki is going on a surprise excursion!

If everything goes according to the plan, we should reach the coordinates approximately at 7 pm.

[edit] Expedition

Nobody else showed up, (too short notice might have something to do with that...) but that didn't slow me down. I took the 6 pm train to Vantaa and walked the rest of the way to the hashpoint from Tikkurila railway station. Arrived right on estimated time, saw a few Anemone nemorosas and Tussilago farfaras. Weather was nice; not too bright and a bit windy.

[edit] Tracklog

[edit] Photos