2011-03-20 60 25

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Sun 20 Mar 2011 in Vantaa:
60.3877725, 25.6268758

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[edit] About

The coordinates were in a private yard roughly 50 m off the spot I managed to get.

[edit] Expedition

small oaks: I have been in a hard flu lately and it was first day in a week almost to step outside. It was a nice sunny weather and this hashpoint landed just under 2 km from my home so I had to try it. Unfortunately I wasn't prepared enough. I would have needed snow shoes or skies to get there.

Hashpoint actually landed in a school area and near student dormitories. I parked by the road and started to find paths towards the hashpoint. I had to walk between the dormitories as the distance seemed to get lesser there. I managed to get just under 50 m from the hashpoint but then private yard prevented me to pursue the exact hashpoint. There was a path that could have taken me closer but I chose not to go there. So I turned back to my car. From my parking spot it was still only 75 meters to the hashpoint but walking in a deep snow wasn't tempting and area had so many students. So I decided to left the spot. Better luck next time. And then there were also those rabbit tracks..Horrible.

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by chickening out on the (60, 25) geohash on 2011-03-20 because of rabbit tracks.