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Mon 5 Jul 2010 in Vantaa:
60.4697853, 25.7430819

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These coordinates were located in Kankurinmäki hill in Vantaa, Finland graticule on 2010-07-05, in Porvoo, about 10 km north east of Porvoo city central. N 60.46979°, E 25.74308°

It was also my birthday! I planned to go geocaching a bit and fortunately I manage to find only geocache on land that I haven't found yet in Porvoo and this geohashing point was only two km from that place. Compared to trip to the geocache, this was like a picnic in a park. Coordinates pointed on Kankurinmäki hill where was some kind of telecommunications mast. Hashpoint was only 100 m from that as was a place to leave car. Then walked by the bare cliffs tp the hashpoint that was on a edge of the small forest. View from the cliffs were nice and some people have


People who reached these coordinates: Small oaks

9.45 pm CET -3 hours[edit]

Small oaks mr. alone on Birthday.


Small oaks earned the Birthday Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (60, 25) geohash on his 37th birthday, 2010-07-05.
2010-07-05 60 25 - birthday proof.JPG

Expedition and Photos[edit]