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2010-01-10 49 -122

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Sun 10 Jan 2010 in 49,-122:
49.2293420, -122.7467636

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[edit] Location

On the side of a farm in Pitt Meadows.

[edit] Participants

  • Elbie

[edit] Planning

  • looks like a ~3 hour bike ride out there -- leave around noon, aim to be there by 15h?
    • bike out to SkyTrain
    • SkyTrain to Lougheed Station
    • bike along the Lougheed Hwy to Pitt Meadows, follow the Woolridge bike route from there

[edit] Expedition

I left home after some lunch; I rode, then SkyTrained, then rode off to Coquitlam without incident. Around Coquitlam, however, I soon discovered a lack of signage, followed by three different exits all advertised as highways to "East". Picking one, and then navigating from there, I wound up on a somewhat unintuitive route through Coquitlam and then Port Coquitlam -- losing my map along the way and then navigating by guesswork -- but eventually making it to the Pitt River Bridge safe and in one piece.

The hashpoint was only a few kilometres away from the bridge, and the way was on a rather nice bike path (despite the sound effects from the nearby gun club.) Sadly, though, the farm the hashpoint fell on not only was behind a rather steep and deep ditch -- but the owner's house was pretty clearly not welcome to trespassers.

After some lupper, I turned my bike around and started biking back to Burnaby. This time, I actually stayed on the Lougheed Highway the whole time -- while a somewhat indirect route by a few kilometres, it was a lot easier to follow without a map. After the Skytrain trip back to Vancouver and the subsequent ride home from there, I was home in time for dinner.

[edit] Photos