Lethbridge, Alberta

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Calgary SE Vauxhall Brooks
Pincher Creek Lethbridge Bow Island
Browning, Montana Cut Bank, Montana Shelby, Montana

Today's location: not yet announced

This graticule is located at (49, -112), and includes the city of Lethbridge, as well as many neighboring communities such as Taber, Raymond, Magrath, and many more. The majority of geohashes will end you in the middle of some farmer's field, but there will be the odd scenic adventure. Be prepared for much driving on gravel roads in the back 40.

Link to coordinates


  • Elbie -- when I'm visiting my parents.
  • Shell--New at this, not sure how much geohashing will be done, but I'm also out to investigate the Lethy graticule.
  • Elbie's Dad
  • Falcon Darkstar -- ...And yes that is my real first name. When I am not horribly busy some evening, I fully intend to come out.