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Lol-asg.png 30 / m / 49,-123
Lol-asg.png 28 / f / 49,-123

About us[edit]

We are newbie geohashers! Dino first saw the concept while browsing the xkcd archives but did not think there was such a large community behind geohashing. Months later, he learned that his classmate, thepiguy is an avid geohasher! Cooki met thepiguy in April 2009 and was also interested. A few weeks later, we did our first geohash! Yay!

Dino and Cooki are a couple who geohashes together. Dino is an undergraduate student at the University of British Columbia. He is studying Physics and Astronomy. Cooki is a student at Kwantlen Polytechnic University and she is in a BA program with intentions of becoming a teacher. Cooki also has completed a diploma program in Motion Picture Production.


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Achievements Earned[edit]

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