2010-06-02 35 -80

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Wed 2 Jun 2010 in 35,-80:
35.2445462, -80.9830223

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In an industrial park in western Charlotte




I would drive to the hashpoint after work as it was easily accessible.


I left work shortly before 6:00. Before I left the parking lot, I programmed Black Star with the appropriate coordinates and set off. Google Maps would not be needed for this expedition as it was only one turn off of a major road.

Pictured: Challenge

As I arrived at the hashzone and turned into the parking lot, I noticed something that suddenly made the trip alot more interesting. A speed limit sign. Normal people see speed limit signs as obstacles. Geohashers see them as opportunities. As I cruised past the spot I knew the point to be, I checked Black Star and confirmed that the point was less than 10 meters from the road. I would go back and get my speed racer achievement last, on the way out.

I parked my car and strolled over to the point, making sure to get as close as possible. I took a couple pictures and left my marker while cautiously watching the darkening skies. This was by far the easiest hashpoint I've ever achieved.

After a few peals of thunder, I returned to the car and prepared to drive by the hashpoint. That's when I realized I had a little problem. The speed limit was 10 miles per hour, but BlackStar reported my speed in kilometers per hour. I knew that 1 kilometer was about 0.62 miles, so I estimated that I'd be shooting for somewhere between 15 and 16 kph (true value 16.1kph). I probably could have got out the calculator and found out for sure, but after working all day I didn't feel much like it. At any rate, I made a couple passes getting screen captures from BlackStar. Neither was perfect, but I submit my achievement application along with available evidence in hopes that it is deemed sufficient.

It turned out to be a good move to get the hashpoint pictures first and the achievement second, because by the time I pulled out of the parking lot, rain was falling in sheets. A short drive later, I was home.

I must admit, this hashpoint provides me with much less of a sense of accomplishment than my previous expeditions. It was just too easy. In retrospect, it would have made a great bicycle geohash. I'm going to have to get a bicycle.


Tracklog for your viewing pleasure




Art earned the Speed racer achievement
by passing through the (35, -80) geohash on 2010-06-02 at 10 mph.