2008-06-07 42 -71

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Sat 7 Jun 2008 in 42,-71:
42.5017842, -71.1143708

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Attendees of this meetup earned the Speed racer achievement
by passing through the (42, -71) geohash on 2008-06-07 at the maximum legal speed.


This hash is located in the Boston, MA graticule in Reading, MA in the outer lane on the south-bound side of I-95. GPS: (42.501784N, 71.114371W)

Meet up at Sturges Park between 3:30-3:45 and then do a caravan through the hash. Return to Sturges Park to play.

Closest public transit is Haverhill commuter line from North Station at 2:45pm. Arrives at Reading Station at 3:14pm.
Two mile walk: SE Lincoln, R Minot, R Main, R South, R Pine Ridge, R Sturges Park

Best meet up after at the Ninety-Nine Pub/10 Main St.

Weather will be: hot, maybe a thunder storm.

The Meetup[edit]

16 people showed up at Sturges Park in Reading before the designated time. Shortly before 4:00, we all piled into vehicles and drove our caravan onto I-95, through the hash, and back to the park. Total travel time was no more than 10 minutes. Most of us hung around the park for another hour or so, playing frisbee, Blokus, and Fluxx, before most people departed around 5:15.

Video of the caravan driving through the hash.

Also see the rest of sparkyb's photos of this event.

Earned awards on this trip include Speed Racer, Oldest (?), and Circus

Old Planning Stuff[edit]

Plans for a Caravan[edit]

Loch How cool would it be to form a caravan to drive through the hash right at 4:00? This would be a cool way to get the Speed Racer Achievement.

Caravan Directions Goes from Sturges through the hash and back to Sturges. It says 4 minutes to the hash so we should leave Sturges at 3:55 and drive a bit slow for padding.

Attendance plans[edit]

  • Randall has to suddenly be in New York and will not be there this time, unfortunately.
  • Pinecone will bring card games.
  • hendusoone will drive through the exact point a bit before 1:00 pm, on his way to get his tires aligned (but will not be there at any other time).
  • Bake will not attend.
  • CA will be there if he can work out transportation (which is probable) for sure at ~ 3:45 and with at least one other person. He likes Loch's above plans.
  • Ben intends to be there. If anyone needs a ride and wants to take the T (orange line) to Wellington station, I live right there.
  • Adam will try to head over from Burlington. Meeting at Sturges Park and doing a caravan through the hash sounds like a good idea to me.
  • Matt lives half a mile from the very spot, but has to leave home at 4:00, and is thus quite upset. I'd recommend Sturges park as a meetup before hand. I'll probably stop by between 3 and 4 to see who shows up...
  • Dan will try to attend, with friends!
  • Geekthras attended and brought Blokus (4 player) Chronology and Unspeakable words. Was the youngest, and parent dragged along was possible oldest geohasher yet.
  • Keith arrived at the Commuter Rail station at 5:30, due to a very late train. Attempted to locate the group on foot, and failed to do so. Returned to the train station in sweaty, fatigued defeat.