2008-10-17 35 -106

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Fri 17 Oct 2008 in 35,-106:
35.2644944, -106.7624852

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Bishop_Wash: Google maps showed these coordinates to be in the middle of a street, so I was thinking of the Speed Racer achievement. I got home from work and grabbed the GPS unit and my wife to hit the hash before dark. As we were nearing the location, we passed a sign declaring we were leaving Rio Rancho city limits. Following Google maps' instructions, I turned off Southern Blvd onto Goya Rd. Goya was a dirt road and we were less than a mile to the hash. Goya and then 14th St turned out to be well maintained roads.

The road where the hash was, 4th Ave, ended up being little more than a path. I'm assuming that Rio Rancho is planning for future development and laid out streets at one time. We slowly eased down the dirt path and watched the GPS drop to six feet from the waypoint. I placed the car in park and discovered the point was on the hood of the car. The camera is starting to cause problems and only one picture of the GPS turned out. Unfortunately, the unit fluctuated before I clicked the picture, so the number doesn't quite match the coordinates. Also, the picture of the sunset doesn't clearly show the dirt path we were on, but you can see the edge of the car.

Once I determined I wasn't going to get any better pictures, I returned to the car and backed up to drive through the geohash. There wasn't a posted speed limit, but I didn't feel comfortable going over 30 mph. We passed through the geohash and then returned to better maintained roads to head home. Along the way, we stopped at a few electronic stores to shop for a new camera.