2009-03-21 45 -108

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Looks like this will be a Speed-racer no batteries geohash! I'm excited! Especially since approaching the hashpoint from the south brings you to a stop sign, so I might qualify for the dubious award of "Slowest Speed Racer"!

The Expedition[edit]

Sat 21 Mar 2009 in Billings:
45.7980280, -108.4404097

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Maybe it's a good thing I need a new camera...

The hashpoint was directly accessible by car, according to Google Maps. With no reason to disagree, I pointed my jeep in the appropriate direction, sans GPS (which I don't actually have). I left Rocky about half an hour later than I intended, due to unranked Rocky Mountain College Battling Bears defeating no. 12 Concordia College 72-64 in the NAIA National Tournament quarterfinals. Also, I had attended a memorial service earlier that day so was still in formal attire. As Jevanyn points out, this is James Bond.

David Souther earned the No Batteries Geohash Achievement
by reaching the (45, -108) geohash on 2009-03-21.
David Souther earned the Speed racer achievement
by passing through the (45, -108) geohash on 2009-03-21 at 0mph.
Formal attire.PNG
David Souther earned the Formal attire achievement
by looking good at the (45, -108) geohash on 2009-03-21.