2015-12-22 39 -89

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Tue 22 Dec 2015 in 39,-89:
39.8425823, -89.6644118

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The glorious hash-car makes it's debut.


In the southbound lanes of the David Jones Parkway, where it intersects Capitol Airport Dr, just outside the Abraham Lincoln Capital Airport.



Probably going for this one after 7pm. Hoping for a Speed racer achievement!


Bad lighting & bad phone cameras don't mix.
Blurry proof of speed (and low fuel range).

What luck! Two hash points close to home in 5 days! Today's was right outside the Abraham Lincoln Capitol Airport, in the southbound lanes of Route 29. While I would normally just rush out on my bike to nab such a close point, this was the first one I've seen that I had a chance at getting the Speed racer achievement. And for that I would need the hash-car, that Dolphintreasure had at work until 6pm. So, I made plans to head there after 7.

And then my phone went off to remind me of what I usually do at 7pm on Tuesdays: go bowling! I was so excited at getting another geohash that I completely forgot I had to be at my league at that time! After this realization, I decided to delay our expedition until 10pm when I would be finished bowling.

I had a rough night on the lanes (my spare game needs work) and Dolphintreasure was getting really sleepy. In fact, she had completely forgotten about the hash point until I said something about it while we were getting in the car. We drove out to Route 29 and turned north, passing the point just a couple lanes over, and turned around at a gas station just up the road. I've never in my life tried to take a screenshot of Geohash Droid on my phone at a precise spot from a moving vehicle, so I wasn't surprised that the first attempt at getting proof was 90 feet too early. We turned around at a conveniently placed side street and drove back up to the gas station to turn around and make a second pass. Dolphintreasure took a slightly blurry photo of the speedometer to show we were maintaining the legal speed limit (45mph) and I took another screenshot as late as I dared before we drove through the point. That effort only showed us 20 feet closer!

I asked if we should make a third try at it, but then noticed we were quite low on fuel, so we decided to call it "good enough" and head home after getting gas. Since it was well after dark, the gas station also was a good place to get a photo of us and our hash-car under the canopy lights.



Mystrsyko & Dolphintreasure earned the Land geohash achievement
by reaching the (39, -89) geohash on 2015-12-22.
Mystrsyko & Dolphintreasure earned the Speed racer achievement
by passing through the (39, -89) geohash on 2015-12-22 at 45mph.