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About Me[edit]

I live and work in Plantation, FL in the Palm Beach graticule. I previously lived in nearby Tamarac and Sunrise, and briefly in Alpharetta, GA.

Successful Geohashes[edit]


2016-09-22_global: In the Talladega National Forest, Alabama graticule, (southwest of Montgomery, Alabama). This hashpoint was off to the side of the street between two homes in a rural area. Achieved via roadtrip with NWoodruff.

Roswell, Georgia Graticule[edit]

2016-07-28_34_-84: In the parking lot of Northview High School in Alpharetta.

2017-09-03_34_-84: In a bit of woods near a daycare center in John's Creek.

Atlanta, Georgia Graticule[edit]

2016-09-17_33_-84: Behind an auto body shop in Norcross, on US-23 west of GA-140.

Auburn, Alabama[edit]

2016-09-22_32_-85: In a dense standing of trees and bushes. NWoodruff and I detoured to this hashpoint on the way back from the 2016-09-22 Globalhash.

Palm Beach Graticule[edit]

2008-10-11_26_-80: On/near the median of Commercial Blvd, on the east side of the intersection with Andrews Ave. Missed meeting Dtobias by maybe 20 minutes.

2008-10-18_26_-80: Next to a corner house (on or near the sidewalk) in Pembroke Pines, near Flamingo Rd. and Taft St.

2009-06-12_26_-80: On a front lawn of a house in Sunrise, very close to the house where I grew up. This was also my first geohash that was not on a Saturday.

2009-06-23_26_-80: In the rightmost lane of east-bound Broward Blvd, near Hiatus Road. The weather thwarted a planned weekday meetup with Aperfectring. Go, Speed Racer, Go!

2009-10-03_26_-80: At a car dealership in Weston, just off of I-75. Keepin' the graticule alive.

2010-03-06_26_-80: In a backyard in Tamarac, a mere 0.5 km (and a 0.8 km walk) from my home!

2010-07-11_26_-80: Between two houses in Sunrise, right between my home and my parents' house.

2010-10-19_26_-80: In the parking lot of a condo in Lauderhill.

2010-10-28_26_-80: On the train tracks in Dania Beach, near US-1 and Stirling. Successful meetup with visiting geohasher Rhonda, and ginormous hot fudge sundaes at Jaxson's

2011-03-03_26_-80: On a suburban street near the Turnpike and I-595. The whole neighborhood was being repaved.

2011-09-16_26_-80: At the edge of a pond in a housing complex in Margate.

2012-12-12_26_-80: In the parking lot of the blandest office park in the world. In Coral Springs, near the Sawgrass Expressway.

2013-04-19_26_-80: In the right-hand north-bound lane of Nob Hill Road in Parkland. Another Speed Racer.

2013-04-26_26_-80: At the entrance to the Isle of Capri Casino & Racetrack in Pompano Beach.

2015-01-24_26_-80: Near Sunrise Lakes Phase 1 in Sunrise, just off of University Drive. Also near Skyline Chili.

2018-04-21_26_-80: In a strip mall parking lot, just off of Oakland Park Blvd.

Miami Graticule[edit]

2009-05-30_25_-80: In the street next to a Starbucks at Lincoln Road Mall. The scenery was nice; the weather was lousy. This was my first hash outside of my home graticule. It was also about 41 miles from my home by road according to Google Maps.

2009-06-28_25_-80: In a Publix supermarket in Miami Lakes. Successfully coordinated with Dtobias and Aperfectring for South Florida's first 3-person meetup.

2010-11-07_25_-80: In the middle of a two-lane road, in the Everglades. Completed a tandem Speed Racer achievement with Rhonda

2014-04-12_25_-80: Near NW 87th Avenue and NW 154th Street, next to a house in Palm Springs North.

New York, New York Graticule[edit]

2013-05-18_40_-73: At the entrance to the DeMatteis Center for Cardiac Research and Education in Brookville, while visiting relatives in Roslyn.

Unsuccessful Geohashes[edit]

2009-03-14_26_-80: In an (inaccessible) home in Boynton Beach. This hash was notable because I finally met a fellow geohasher (Dtobias), on the sidewalk outside. Also, this was the farthest I've ever schlepped for a geohash - 35 miles by road and highway, according to Google Maps.

2010-02-21_26_-80: Inside a computer shop (closed on Sundays) on Powerline Road.

2010-11-06_26_-80: Outside of a residential building in Boca Raton. Rhonda and I were thwarted by a gate and a gallery-full of "No Trespassing" signs.

2011-11-06_26_-80: A few feet into a canal in Coral Springs. I didn't feel like a swim, although I might have tried to Puppet-Master a duck into doing it for me.

2012-06-20_26_-80: In a house in Plantation Acres, about 0.5 km from the house where I grew up. But at least I met a hashcat! :3

2012-07-30_26_-80: About 25 meters into a canal in Tamarac, conveniently on my way home.