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Today's location: [Köln, Germany]

The Köln/Aachen/Eifel graticule is at latitude 50, longitude 6. The two cities of Köln (Cologne) and Aachen give the north-eastern and north-western corners of the graticule, which consists in large parts of the Eifel lower mountain range, with the eastern quarter being the German-speaking Community of Belgium. In the south, the graticule ends right to the north of Wittlich and Bitburg; its south-western corner lies already within the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. The Netherlands are also touched by this graticule. Except for points in the surface mining areas near Aachen, prohibited areas of the Eifel National Park, and some reservoirs, most areas within this graticule should be accessible.

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According to Land usage, the chance for your hash to fall into one of the following areas is:

37.80%	Natural reserves
33.53%	Fields
18.80%	Forests
4.59%	Roads
2.82%	Highways
2.12%	Settlements
0.34%	Water

Geohashers in this graticule

Occasional visitors

  • Sermoa and Mapaholic come here on holiday sometimes.
  • FarAway lives in Bonn and sometimes visites his family here

Meeting participants

(please add yourself if you are coming):


  • May 31st:
    • Kliment is going to 51, 6 2008-05-31_51_6 as that is closer to both Köln and Aachen. I recommend others join (I am bringing food)
  • June 7th:
  • June 8th:
    • DavidSchmitt is trying to go to 51, 6 as this is really close to my current location.
  • June 21st:
  • July 12th:
  • September 6th:
  • September 11th:
  • September 13th:
    • Trian is going to 50,6 2008-09-13_50_6 as this seems to be in a park right in the middle of Köln. (I'll try to make it 4.00pm.)
    • kriechstrom is going to 50,6 2008-09-13_50_6 - 4pm, too. Looks like a nice place and is right near the train station.
  • November 11th:


  • September 18th 2009:
    • shax was at 2009-09-18_50_6 at about 6pm local time as it is right in the centre of cologne
Ooh, i noticed that one, thought it would be an excellent geohash! Shame i am not in Germany right now - i'd definitely go! --sermoa 06:29, 18 September 2009 (UTC)


  • Nothing happened?



  • Nothing happened?





  • Februar 27th, 2016:
  • September 11th, 2016:
  • September 12th, 2016:
    • 2016-09-12DODO continued to a high moor in Belgium near Monschau.
  • September 13th, 2016:
    • 2016-09-13DODO returned to Germany and visited a field near Heckhuscheid.

Retro Geohashes

If any of you are going to consider a Retro Geohash can you please consider this date for me, 1958-08-03? Thanks. --NWoodruff 22:18, 12 December 2009 (UTC)